‘Yūgen’ necklace

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The story of ‘Yūgen’
In a tale spun from distant realms, a silver necklace with shimmering stars and intricate thorns descended from a different universe to a mystic purple sea on a foreign planet.
Lost in the celestial currents, it found solace entwined around a lone starfish washed ashore. Each star whispered secrets of galaxies unknown, while the tribal motifs spoke of ancient wisdoms woven into the fabric of the cosmos. The necklace now awaits its new wearer.

whole necklace (9 pieces): 37cm silver 925 necklace comes with 6.5cm adjustable chain in the back. 40.7gr solid silver 925

half necklace (5 pieces): 19cm silver 925 necklace paired with 24.5cm silver chain (total length 43,5 adjustable).26gr solid silver 925

Please allow up to 15 working days to handcraft your piece.

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half necklace (5 pieces), whole necklace (9 pieces)